My Story

**WHEN PLACING AN ONLINE ORDER: Please select any one of my open parties. My hostesses and I appreciate it!

When I joined Scentsy in February 2012, I had no idea I had done something that would change my life!

Since becoming a part of this amazing company, I have earned all expense paid trips to tropical places, I've been to many cities around the U.S. with Scentsy, I've made countless friends around the world who I can't imagine my life without. I've had FUN!

My kids love to help with my Scentsy business- if you request a catalog mailed to you, chances are the label will be crooked because my 6 year old put it on, or the handwriting on the envelope will be a little large and messy, because my 9 year old addressed it. Scentsy is truly a family business for us.

A little about us: I have been a stay at home mom since my first kiddo was born, more than 9 years ago. I love Jesus, tattoos, Bruce Springsteen, Great Danes, the beach, chocolate chip cookies, Disney World and Converse. 

Tyler is 9. He loves Star Wars, dinosaurs and dessert. His favorite Scentsy fragrance is Pumpkin Marshmallow. The warmer in his room is called Ah-MAZE-ing, and Tyler's favorite Buddy is Gilly.
Lia is 7. She loves friends, mermaids, high heels, and all things PINK. Her favorite Scentsy fragrance is Watermelon Patch. The warmer in her room is Under the Sea. (Of course! Mermaids!!) Lia also loves her Pixie Penguin Buddy Clip.

Khloe is 6. She loves swimming and coloring.. Her favorite Scentsy item is the Scentsy Buddy Roosevelt the Rabbit, who has been renamed "Princess Anna". Princess Anna's current Scent Pak is Gleeful Grape.

My youngest son, Jackson Bruce, passed away on his 9 month birthday in October, 2015. Jackson was born with Smith-Lemli Opitz Syndrome and had many special needs. He was in and out of the hospital after spending his first 5 months in the NICU. He was an incredible blessing to our family and he is still a special part of our lives.
Jackson's favorite Scentsy fragrance was Just Breathe and I used it in the warmer in our room and in his Scout the Dragon Scentsy Buddy. (He had trouble breathing sometimes, and Just Breathe helped clear him up and ease his breathing.